How much does it cost?


Value added

We have more than 17 years of experience in the technical industry, we can claim to be one of the best solutions for people dissatisfied with their current solution! 


Pricing is per/ user / month and includes technical support + initial configuration


What does it include?

Our pricing include help for the initial configuration, we’ll work hand in hand with your hosting provider and/or IT staff for changing your DNS records and making sure everything run smoothly.


As long as you’re with us, email and phone support are included.


Simple Pricing

At LastSpam, we like to make things simple.

Protect each of your domain’s eMail addresses   

for 1 - 25 USERS (MAILBOXES) cost less then $4 / user / month.


For 26 USERS (MAILBOXES) and more contact us for custom packages

I want to start using LastSpam

Provide us with your information and we will contact you to set you up!